A smashing high-speed shooter with intense movement and weapon juggling on a desert free regime colony-planet, where convicts prepare for rebellion. The protagonist is sent to behead the infamous gang leaders.
The World:
Far future. Deep space territories of the United Coalition of Earth. The colony-planet DAMAG with its extremely rich deposits was turned into a forge for ammunition and laser lenses. This however led to the planet going through a full-scale conflict, including an orbital nuclear bombing. Now the planet is only suitable as a prison for the most dangerous convicts, who were left to wreak havoc in total anarchy in exchange for providing the United Coalition of Earth with resources.
The Plot:
A former military under a code name Hornet faces the vast post-apocalyptic wasteland seeking out his assigned target, one of the gang leaders - Utopia. Hornet is determined to kill her. With his comrade-in-arms and superior Baron’s guidance the protagonist carves a path with gunpowder through freaks, psychos and murderers, flooding the whole planet.
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